Welcome to the global effort to translate the FriendDA to as many languages as possible.

Hi, I'm Mike - I have lots of ideas about cool stuff to build - I'm an ideas guy. But I often need to share my ideas with others so the ideas can become better and more valuable. I discovered 'friendda.org' through a friend who helped me get peace of mind about sharing the ideas with him.

I think friendda.org is awesome and testimony to the things that help us be better human beings. It nurtures trust and that, in this world of cheats and liars , is a good thing.

Unfortunately, the original is written only in English and with the kind permission of the author (below), I would like the world (you!!!) to help translate it into as many languages as possible.


What is the aim?

This is an ongoing global crowd effort (which will go on until we run out of volunteers and/or languages!) - the aim is to publish the translations (as they are completed) on to the original friendda.org site so that every one on the planet can read it, share it and use it to free their ideas! They can read and share it in their own language and be bound by its simple terms in their own tongue.

Getting Started

We aim to have one page per translation. Look down the list of pages (yes - to your left) and see if the translation you are interested in contributing to has been started. If it hasn't been started, just create it by clicking 'new page'. If the translation has started, click on the page name and contribute.

Some things to note...

  • If you do create a new translation - please name it simply the english spelling of your language (for example Arabic) - this makes it easier for others to find. It will appear on the page list automatically. In time we will support the native spelling of your language on the home page.
    The new page will include the text of the original english FriendDA - useful when you want to translate as you go!

  • You may translate in any font/text that suits your language (for example Arabic and Kanji).


Please use the discussion group per page to talk through and debate the correct translation - when you are satisfied that the translation is complete, please post a new discussion with the subject 'Translation Complete and Reviewed' - the organisers will pick this up (we are monitoring an RSS feed of site changes - if you must know :) ) and lock the translation.

Need Help?
  • Click on the help link above to learn more about how to use your wiki.

Thank you for helping to make the World a more trusting place.